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This advanced sequel program takes it to the next level and shows you how to integrate a Bad Boy edge into your mindset and approach towards women, dating and seduction.

If you've ever wondered why women blow off the 'nice guys' and go for cocky, playful, super-confident Bad Boys, this follow-up program will build upon the skills you're about to learn in Mack Tactics and take your game to a "rock star" level.

The Bad Boy Blueprint includes :

bad boy seduction i know what girls wantA huge 185-page ebook filled with advanced tactics & strategies, including the infamous Bad Boy Seduction Sequence.

what girls likeWe'll also give you The Bad Boy Blueprint Audio Course. This includes over two hours of high-powered audio coaching in mp3 format.

Plus, this advanced-level package comes with THREE bonus videos...

how to steal a girl from boyfriend


We have to warn you up front: this video delves into the "dark side" of seduction. Some guys say it's wrong to seduce a girl who has a boyfriend -- but we say, MAY THE BEST MAN WIN.

It's time for you to stop letting it faze you when a girl tells you that she has a boyfriend. Stop thinking it means you don't have a chance!

It all depends on how she tells you, and when she tells you. This is where the BOYFRIEND ANNIHILATOR method comes into play. Whatever your feelings are towards "girls with boyfriends," there is no question that this is a very powerful weapon to have in your "tool kit."

This Video Training Module will show you:

bad boy lifestyle The different ways in which women will mention their boyfriends -- and what it means. You've got to know how to read these signals.(Did you know that if she talks about her boyfriend in a certain way, she is actually signaling to you that she doesn't want to be with him tonight -- and she wants you instead?)

bad boy seduction How to plant subconscious "seeds" in her mind that her boyfriend doesn't treat her right, and doesn't deserve her -- without you ever saying a single negative thing about him!

bad boy lifestyle How to handle it when a girl tells you her boyfriend is a "great guy" (which is usually just another way of saying he's a "boring nice guy" -- and how to frame yourself as the exciting, unpredictable Bad Boy who can give her the sexual excitement she secretly craves.

bad boy lifestyle How to prep her for sex tonight by using special language and persuasion tactics.

And much more...

shannon stewart

what girls loveBonus Video #2 explains the infamous UNDER THE WIRE method of approaching women, explained for the first time by the guru known as "RANGER X." This segment, filmed at a seminar in Las Vegas, includes approach demonstrations with two Playboy Playmates: Shannon Stewart and Katerina Kovac.

You'll watch the underground pickup legend RANGER X coach his students on approach techniques with these actual Playboy Playmates. . ."

katerina kovac

. . .and then, watch "Alpha Transformation" to take your mindset and lifestyle to the ultimate level.

get with a girl

Bonus Video #3, "ALPHA TRANSFORMATION," includes a kick-ass motivational lecture from a former Marine and Hostage Negotiator who is "Alpha" to the core. In this hard-hitting video you'll learn how to reprogram your attitude and lifestyle for maximum results.

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how talk to girls

"Advanced Influence & Persuasion Methods." This 52-page ebook explains how to incorporate the most advanced persuasion methods to turbo charge your conversations with girls. You'll learn how to flip their "attraction switches" using advanced techniques like "The Cold Read," along with an arsenal of special approach methods and ways to use "Power Phrases" and "Teases" to make women feel spontaneous, irresistible sexual attraction.

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