Mack Tactics - Frequently Asked Questions

I've read other books about dating and pickup. How is Mack Tactics different?

We've studied just about every dating product out there, and Mack Tactics is more specific and thorough than anything else we've seen. Our package covers everything you could possibly want to know about succeeding with women. We also need to add, you can't beat our price. It's shocking to us that people are paying over $100 for e-books and THOUSANDS of dollars for seminars by "dating gurus."

We give you both of our books (Mack Tactics Volumes I & II), our instructional videos, audio courses, and a ton of bonuses for under $100 -- and it's all protected by a risk-free refund policy. If you don't get results from this material, you get a full refund, no questions asked.

Another very unique angle of Mack Tactics is that it incorporates the strategies of Hostage Negotiation. This is one of the themes that runs throughout our material. This is because Negotiators are trained to be calm, cool, highly skilled communicators. They understand the power of language: why certain words trigger emotional responses, and how phrasing can make the difference between failure and success. Having this ability with women gives you an enormous advantage.

I do OK with girls. Is this program for "shy guys" who are afraid to talk to women?

No matter what kind of track record you've got with women, or whether you're a shy guy or a "player," this program is guaranteed to turbo charge your attitude and skill set. Your age and background don't matter. For example, at our last seminar the crowd ranged from college students to middle-aged guys who'd recently gone through divorces. We even had several married guys who wanted to get a better handle on their relationships and communicate with their spouses more effectively. The beauty of Mack Tactics is that every guy who learns this material can use it for his own purposes'whether you're out at the bars and nightclubs every weekend, or looking for that one incredible woman to build a future with.

Mack Tactics makes the game fair. Women have a multi-billion dollar self-help industry to coach them'from television shows like Oprah and Sex & The City to Cosmopolitan magazine. They're constantly absorbing new information on how to be more sexually attractive and land the right boyfriend/husband. From a young age, they're learning how to attract men by using their sexuality as a lure, and men are all too willing to "take the bait!"

This is because men are desperately lacking information. As a result, most guys just go along with what they think women want. The average guy plays the game by the traditional rules, and guess what: he never winds up getting what he truly wants. He settles for whatever he can get. M.A.C.K Tactics flips the script and shows you how to transform into a charismatic Alpha Male that women are attracted to, so that YOU are the one in the driver's seat. And you're going to be the type of guy that women love to be around, so really, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

We should also mention, a lot of women have read the Mack Tactics book and found it fascinating. They wish there were more Macks out there -- men who are charismatic, charming and masculine, and can carry an interesting conversation, are hard to find.

How long has Mack Tactics been around?

Our website has been online for five years and our first book was published in 2005. Since then, we've been featured in FHM magazine, on major network news programs, and in numerous international publications. Dean Cortez's dating columns appear in several national magazines every month. This is a proven, legitimate company and thousands of guys have learned from our material -- which is priced way below the norm, because we want to reach as many guys as possible. (No matter the price, this material is going to save you a LOT of money in the long run!)

When I make a purchase, how can I be sure that I will receive my products?

First of all, if you have any security concerns about purchasing a product from our website, you should know that all of our payments are processed directly through Clickbank is the most trusted payment processor on the Internet and handles hundreds of thousands of sales per day for internet products like ours. We never see or keep any of your information. It is processed through Clickbank, and they will email you a receipt. In the event that you request a refund, Clickbank will issue your refund. You don't even neeed to explain why you want a refund. Clickbank's policy is to refund your money (to your credit card, or your Paypal account, or however you paid) upon request, no questions asked.

Once you make your purchase, you will be directed to a secure web page that contains a link for each product that you ordered.
Click the product's link, and you will immediately download it to your computer. It is an extremely simple process and only takes a few minutes. If for some reason there is a problem with your downloads, just contact support (at), and we'll get right back to you.

Also, your privacy is totally protected. Your purchase will show up on your credit card receipt as "CLICKBANK.COM." There won't be any mention of "Mack Tactics" or anything else.

Can you send me a hard copy of your book and a DVD of your videos?

At this time, all of our products are in downloadable format because our customers prefer this delivery method. It is more convenient, you receive the products immediately, and it saves you from having to pay shipping costs. However, if you really want hard copies, you can email and request them. We will email you back with the price, including shipping costs, and provide instructions on how to make your payment.

What format do your downloadable products come in?

Our videos are available for you to stream (meaning you don't download them, you just watch them right away) -- or in download format, and we give you several different popular formats to choose from. All of our audio files are mp3. And our e-books are in PDF format, which means you'll need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view them. Adobe Reader comes pre-installed on most computers. If you don't have it already, you can quickly download it for free at this link:

Can I print out your book?

Absolutely, just click 'print' on your computer and you'll have a hard copy to hold in your hands.

I can't get the videos to play. What's wrong?

Try downloading the media player from It only takes a couple of minutes and it's free. Our videos work just fine on many different players, but you definitely won't have a problem if you're using Divx.

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