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How To Be An Alpha Male - Secrets Of Alpha Male Seduction

"How To Be An Alpha Male - Confidence Tips To Help You Meet & Date ANY Woman You Desire"

I'm sure you are familar with the term "Alpha Male." We often associate this phrase with species of animals -- and the most dominant lion or monkey that rules over the rest and is granted access to the finest females.

But a lot of guys associate the term Alpha Male with negative feelings. To them it could mean the football captain who used to swagger around their campus, intimidating the weaker kids and snatching all the sexy girls. Or perhaps you work with an Alpha Male: a "man's man" who radiates confident, masculine energy, and always gets what he's after. Even though he might be difficult to work for, you have to respect him.

Either way, most guys suffer under the belief that some of us are born as Alpha Males, and the rest of us are destined to be "shy guys" or "nice guys" who can only have the leftovers and don't even know how to get a girls phone number. The reality, though, is that we all have an Alpha Male within us. Right now I want to share with you a few pointers on how to "unleash" your Alpha side and use it to attract more girls. I learned these lessons myself, and have applied them with great success...

How To Be An Alpha Male, Tip #1: Unleashing your Alpha side means that you demonstrate confidence and charisma when you are hanging out with girls OR guys. You need to make this a habit -- always be increasing your social network.

Look, I've seen lots of guys who study "pickup" because they want to learn how to be an Alpha Male. A percentage of these wanna-be pickup artists get pretty decent with talking to women, and will occasionally get lucky, yet they continue to feel hostile towards other guys - in particular dudes whom they assume are more handsome or socially dominant than they are, or guys who are getting more attention from girls.

I know that when you go out, the primary goal is to meet chicks, but developing new alliances with "Alpha" guys is going to improve your long-term game. So when you're out at the nightclubs or bars, or in any type of social scenario -- and you observe dudes who are sending out positive, confident and are sending out positive energy (and getting attention from women) -- introduce yourself to them. Just start a friendly conversation with a dude who's been getting attention from the ladies -- say to him, "Hey bro, it looks like you're doing pretty well with the ladies tonight. Nice work." chanceThere's a high probability that he will shake your hand, want to know you, and now you have a new Alpha Male in your circle (who could possibly be a perfect wingman).

As you grow your network of Alpha Male friends, there will be enormous benefits. These guys will invite you to bars, parties, etc. that you didn't know about. They could know women they want to hook you up with. You're also receiving "social proof" from these guys; women will automatically perceive you to be a high-value guy. When women see you hanging with these guys, it shows that you have high social value.

If you ordinarily hang out in the same one or two bars, with the same old friends of yours (non-Alpha Males who DON'T approach women), it's time for you to "upgrade" and start hanging out with new people who are confident and super-social.

How To Be An Alpha Male, Tip #2: The next chunk of advice on how to become an Alpha Male is that you have to stop being "wishy-washy" and be DECISIVE when you are around women. Lay out a path for women to follow along with. I'm not trying to sound like a chauvenist here, but it's the truth. Girls don't actually want to have to figure out where to meet up on Friday night.

Basically, if a man is regularly deferring to her and asking HER to come up with the plans and ideas about what to do, she will actually feel a bit uncomfortable around him -- because he does not display masculinity and leadership. He doesn't seem capable of making decisions. You need to make evident to women, through your words and actions, that you're the type of guy who can provide her with emotional security.

Whenever there is a decision to be made, it's important for you to be able to step up and express how you think it should go. Seriously, even if it's as inconsequential as figuring out where to go eat or have coffee. Of course, she might not be 100% in favor of your decision, but she will respect the fact that you have a definite opinion.

WEAK MOVE: "Um, if you're not busy, maybe we could meet up..."

Alpha move: "Tell me your favorite romantic comedy, and I'll pick it up at the video store -- we'll watch it Friday night at my place while I cook dinner for us." Or, "You mentioned you love Italian food. I happen to know this great restaurant that's a hidden gem, and I want to take you there. I can meet you Friday night at o'clock."

How To Be An Alpha Male, Tip #3: Leave them wanting more. The super-successful Alpha Males - whether it's a business mogul, or a Hollywood star - tend to be extremely active and busy people. They will not give you infinite amounts of their time. Your outlook should be the same when you are interacting with girls. You always want to be the one to bring an end to the conversation and be on your way -- whether you're talking with a woman at a club, or on the phone with a chick planning to see her again.

The run-of-the-mill guy will talk... and talk... until the girl finally says, "I need to go find my friend" or "it was cool chatting with you, but I have to be going..." Being an Alpha, you must ALWAYS have a goal in mind when you talk to a girl, and accomplish that objective before the conversation comes to an end. If you're vibing with a chick you met at a bar, your goal could be to score her phone number. If you call her phone, the objective might be to establish when you're going to meet up with her again. Ultimately, you've got to have a game plan, a strategy, and a way to execute it.

Don't ever drag out the conversation to the point where she has to excuse herself. This implies to a woman that you are eager to monopolize her time and try to win her over. On the other hand, when you're the one who has to "get going," you're demonstrating that you're a busy guy with other stuff going on -- and probably has other girls he needs to spend time with..

Those are just a few examples of how to be an Alpha Male. Remember: boring, ordinary guys are constantly asking permission from women. This results in a lot of "No's," and a lot of disappointment, frustration, and masturbation! Flip the script and start "spinning" your questions to make them more powerful, interesting and effective. This is one of the keys to learning How To Be An Alpha Male and constantly attracting women into your life.

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how to become an alpha male

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